to dry tiled floors unique squeegee design with a double rear blade


Traditional squeegees have a difficult time drying tiled floors, due to the fact that each gap or grout line between the tiles causes the rear squeegee blade to jump from one tile to the next and consequently lose contact with the floor. This leaves unwanted dirty water in the spaces between the tiles.

With 3BLADE® this problem becomes a distant memory; thanks to the unique squeegee design with a double rear blade, which guarantees a better clean and a dry finish.

In the grooves between tiles, cement blocks or other types of flooring with small gaps between adjacent tiles, 3BLADE® maintains maximum adhesion of the squeegee to the surface, which is essential to completely pick up the water used during scrubbing.

At Eureka, our mission is to achieve perfect drying in a single pass, and our machines have been designed with a combination of features that guarantee the best results. The squeegee’s special half-moon shape directs water to the vacuum tube for effective pick up, blades in Linatex® and PRIMOthane® ensure better adhesion to the ground, squeegee pressure and balance can be regulated, and Swinguard® delivers accurate drying around objects.

Today, we’re adding the new 3BLADE® squeegee to this list of technology, specifically designed to collect water and dirt from the gaps between tiles.

The 3BLADE® squeegee is available now and is the ideal solution for supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centers and other applications with grout lines, and gaps between tiles.