RIDER 1201

Rider 1201 is a combination of technologies and ideas which enables operators to efficiently sweep wide surface by working in total comfort, quicly at low cost.

The wide sweeping path (1.200 mm with 2 side brushes), the small turning radius (1.000 mm), combined with the fast operational speed assures a large cleaning capacity, up to 10.140 sq/m/h.

In addition Rider 1201 offers a large filter area (4 sq/m) enables sweeping in the dustiest of environments.

The Rider 1201 is at least 30 times faster than the swiftest labourer with a yard broom, and cover a full shift without the need for a tea break! Additionally, the Rider 1201 sweeps the floor more accurately and efficiently, controlling the dust that would be lifted by manual sweeping.

Total visibility and easy entry/exit from both sides allow the operator effortless access to narrow spaces. The rugged metal structure, combined to epoxy-painted chassis, means additional protection against bumps, collisions, and better protection against scratches or rust.


Designed to further enhance great impact strength, a set of Reinforced Side Hoods (RSH) is available as optional accessory on the new Rider 1201. 
The reinforced steel panels of the Rider 1201 means it is robust enough to withstand the toughest of operational conditions.

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