Eureka professional sweepers for carpet celaning

What are the advantages of cleaning carpeted floors with a professional sweeper?

Thanks to Eureka’s carpet cleaning kit it’s possible to use a professional sweeper to clean carpets and large matted areas, as an alternative to vacuum cleaners and small push sweepers for carpet.

Eureka’s carpet cleaning kit: deep cleaning that’s quick and efficient

The Eureka carpet cleaning kit transforms the Kobra, Tigra, Rider 1201 and Magnum into carpet cleaning machines. The ideal solution to quickly and safely clean carpeted flooring, delivering high quality cleaning and saving significantly on labor costs.

Hotels, congress centers, exhibition halls, airports…ideal applications for a Eureka sweeper with the carpet cleaning add-on

Carpets are popular flooring choices, offering an elegant design solution that also provides warmth and noise reduction. North Europe often installs carpets in domestic environments, however universally this type of flooring is used to furnish professional and commercial spaces, such as hotel rooms, corridors, and entrance lobbies, convention centers, airports, offices spaces…

One of the reasons carpets are used is their durability, therefore regular sweeping is essential to keep a carpet looking at its best and to prolong its life.

Maintaining a high standard of cleaning is important to pick up rubbish and dirt on the surface of the carpet, but it also prevents this dirt, along with food crumbs and hairs from becoming embedded. Frequent cleaning also helps keep dust, which gets trapped in the fibers, at a low level which is important for good air quality and prevents carpet beetles, mites, allergens, and mold from proliferating in the carpet. 

In some cases, to remove more stubborn dirt such as stains, it’s necessary to use a special carpet shampoo and carpet washing machines. However, for day to day maintenance, using a carpet cleaner that sweeps and vacuums is the best solution to pick up dirt and keep carpets looking fresh.

The Eureka sweeper with carpet cleaning kit, has been specifically designed to increase efficiency, obtaining optimal cleaning results, in less time, with huge savings in the cost of cleaning.

Eureka’s kit offers a new solution for dry cleaning carpets

Where before it was necessary to pass over a floor multiple times with a vacuum cleaner, awkward to transport and time consuming to use, now there is a new carpet cleaning solution. Better results can be obtained comfortably sat on a compact ride on sweeper (Tigra or Rider 1201), or with the agility of a walk behind Kobra sweeper, with traction, which offers great cleaning capability in more congested applications. If the floor area is expansive, the Eureka Magnum, with carpet cleaning kit is the best sweeper for the job.     

What are the strengths of a Eureka sweeper with carpet cleaning kit?

  • Benefit from the features of an industrial floor sweeper; a powerful vacuum and a balanced combination of cylindrical brushes, filters, and motors, working in harmony to pick up dirt and keep dust levels low. Eureka cleaning machines are created for intense use and destined to last over time.

  • The kit has been specifically studied and tested, to brush each strand of the carpet, revitalizing and refreshing the fibers without damaging the floor. 

One professional floor sweeper or lots of small push sweepers?

A professional floor sweeper offers many advantages:

  • A large hopper to collect debris and dust. With a Eureka floor sweeper, you avoid the hassle of fitting and disposing of a bag. All Eureka sweepers are fitted with a hopper that can be emptied directly into the bin, reducing frequency of emptying, and keeping the job simpler and cleaner.

  • Eureka uses Multipocket® filters made of material. Filters are washable, have a large surface area, and guarantee a superior level of air filtration. They are antistatic, and thanks to an auto cleaning mechanism installed on board, the filter can be easily cleaned every day without taking it apart.  

  • The brushes are bigger than a small carpet sweeper, guaranteeing faster cleaning. Eureka also uses Multibristle® technology, mixed bristles in a chevron pattern. This arrangement, with a high concentration of bristles with mixed diameters, allows the collection of debris and dirt of different weight.

  • Longer bristles than a carpet sweeper, guaranteeing gentler cleaning and reducing the frequency of brush changes.

  • The battery avoids the hassle of a cable. Sealed industrial batteries will guarantee a long working life.   

With the carpet cleaning kit fitted, Eureka sweepers become a versatile solution that replace vacuum cleaners or push sweepers, to clean carpets.