E85 scrubber-dryer demo amateur video


The first thing you notice from the video is that where the machine passes it leaves the floor clean and dry, but the video shows a lot more!

Who can guess what?

  1. E85 is compact: it has an extremely tight turning radius and compact dimensions for a machine with such performance. This allows you to easily clean narrow corridors, congested spaces and close to machinery or other objects.
  2. The drying system of E85 is high performing: the special floating half-moon squeegee gently follows the machine's movements even in the sharp corners, avoiding any lateral leakage of water. The blades are in Linatex®, the best rubber on the market concerning grip and wear over time.
  3. The wheels of the Eureka scrubbers are made of solid rubber, non-marking and anti-slip. They do not require maintenance, guarantee excellent adhesion to the ground and do not leave marks when passing.
  4. ... see the dedicated page to our E85 scrubber to discover all the advantages it offers!

Ps. As indicated by the sticker on the side of the machine, the E85 is equipped with ECOsystem®, the Eureka patent for the recycling of washing solution. With ECOsystem® for each single load of water and detergent, you can clean up to five times more square meters of floor than a traditional machine.