The news about the shortage of world's drinking water has become tremendously topical again.

The Po River, Italy's largest river, is running dry. The water level has never been so low.  The same can be said for many other waterways, such as our own Brenta River, which passes just a few kilometers from our manufacturing plants in Cittadella – PD.

The situation is critical, primarily for agriculture, but not only. The call has now been extended to every level to pay the utmost attention to avoid any  waste of water, thus preventing   the risk of rationing.

The causes of this  dryness are abnormal heat and drought for the period, yet further evidence of ongoing global warming, mainly due to anthropogenic action.

There is an extreme and urgent need for humans to find a new balance with nature. On the one hand, only politics has a chance to push a quick and effective conversion to green practices, but on the other hand, there are 8,000,000,000 people in the world, and each of us can do a little more to take care of the planet we live on.

We are all accustomed to taking water for granted, you just turn on the tap and it comes, but what if that were no longer the case?


In the cleaning industry , we can also do a lot. Water is essential  both in domestic cleaning  and, even more so, in professional cleaning.

Can we use less of it?

Yes, thanks to the mechanization of washing operations with advanced technologies, such as those introduced by Eureka with its ECO version scrubber dryers.

Eureka has always been committed to the development of effective and environmentally conscious solutions. It pursues a policy of quality materials to ensure long life machines  by reducing scrap caused by obsolescence, and is constantly studying possible new solutions for effective cleaning  with the lowest consumption of water and consumables.

The ECOsystem® scrubber-dryer patent, in particular, enables  the same solution to be recovered, filtered, and reused several times, saving as much as 70 percent of water by  each cleaning operation.