1. Precise: electronically controlled with a potentiometer

Traditional scrubber-dryers are equipped with a solution tank that the operator has to fill manually with chemical and water, creating a fixed dilution. During use, the solution composition cannot be adjusted according to floor type or conditions. The only way to deal with heavy soiling is to re-pass the area because the use of more concentrated mixtures would be uneconomical and unecological.

The onboard Dose-Matic® system provides precise control over the amount of chemical injected into the solution tank. Mixing is managed electronically with a potentiometer, which is significantly more accurate than a mechanical system. The Dose-Matic® system therefore makes it possible to simply adjust in real-time the proportion of water and chemical delivered to the brush and there is no need to stop operation.

2. Simple: our container compartment is visible and universal

The universal compartment accommodates the majority of chemical containers from 1 to 10 liters for complete flexibility. Full visibility of the container enables simple monitoring of chemical consumption during operation, while easy-access enables switching from one chemical to another according to the floor type. The operator can change the solution in seconds, without being exposed to chemical during unsafe transfer from one container to another.

3. Always ready for use

The Dose-Matic® system includes an auto-cleaning function that is activated at the touch of a button, reducing overall maintenance and ensuring the machine is always ready to go. The Dose-Matic® system can be transferred at any time between compatible machines or can even be fitted after the purchase of a machine.