On-board vacuum cleaner for Eureka’s ride-on sweepers.

On-board vacuum cleaner for Eureka’s ride-on sweepers.  

Discover the advantages of a sweeper with an on-board vacuum cleaner. 

Sweepers and vacuum cleaners are effective tools with many shared features, designed to keep floors clean from dust, dirt, and debris. Both machines deliver different advantages, above all, the ability to efficiently clean large and small-scale spaces. Therefore combining the use of both a sweeper and a vacuum cleaner can deliver higher quality results and greater productivity. With a good sweeper, it’s quick to free floors of dust and debris, but to thoroughly clean hard to reach spots it’s necessary to use a vacuum cleaner. Furniture, shelving, machinery, and gaps between objects, all have enclosed spaces where dirt can accumulate, which is impossible to remove using a standard sweeper. 

To ensure every cleaning operation is fast and efficient, even during detailed work, Eureka has designed a vacuum cleaner upgrade which is installed directly on-board our ride-on sweeper range. 

With standard equipment, the operator needs to complete the first pass with the sweeper and then retrace their steps in a second moment to do the detailed work with a vacuum cleaner.

The on-board vacuum kit therefore not only saves time, but also eliminates the risk that the operator forgets which zones they need to return to.

In addition, as the vacuum cleaner is completely independent, this solution guarantees greater suction power, in respect to the built-in vacuum wands offered on the sweeper market.

In summary, the key benefits of having a vacuum cleaner on-board your sweeper are: 

  • No time wasted to transport a standard vacuum cleaner unit to the area being cleaned.
  • The on-board vacuum cleaner has an independent and powerful motor and a high-capacity hose.
  • The power supply to the vacuum cleaner is connected to the sweeper, therefore there’s no need to manage a battery or power cord.
  • Greater safety: the operator doesn’t need to manually move the vacuum cleaner, eliminating the risk of strain injuries.
  • No time wasted by the operator retracing the sweepers path.
  • No risk of forgetting where it is necessary to carry out detailed work.
  • Operation and maintenance of one machine, instead of two.