Guaranteeing complete and effective disinfection in the workplace: is it possible to clean and sanitize in a single pass?

Over recent months we have all got familiar with the definition of sanitizing. This term is understood as a combination of actions which are carried out to clean and disinfect environments. Sanitizing uses suitable detergents and equipment which can eliminate microbes, bacteria and – what interests us most during this period – viruses like COVID-19.

The Coronavirus epidemic has forced us all to seriously consider the benefits of carrying out day to day tasks in environments which undergo deep cleaning. In fact, hygiene is the first and easiest containment measure we can adopt to fight the spread of the virus.

The importance of maintaining a clean environment is also felt in the workplace. It’s evident that cleaning is necessary however the question remains, following current standards, what is the most effective solution to sanitize surfaces?   

After an initial period of exploration during the first wave of the coronavirus, the professional cleaning market is currently consolidating new practices, which are also a result of specific product and equipment innovation, to provide healthier work environments.

Scrubber-dryers are among the cleaning machines which have proved to be effective and versatile in this area. They guarantee clean floor surfaces, which are usually the primary areas where dust and microbes are deposited, and if specially equipped, scrubbers can also complete sanitizing at the same time.  

Eureka’s Sanitizing Kit for scrubber-dryers

To clean and sanitize quickly and effectively Eureka has developed a new proposal for the industrial and commercial market. A sanitizing kit which is applicable to the E65, E75 and E83 ride-on scrubber-dyer line, makes it possible to sanitize floors and surrounding areas in a single pass.

  • The kit includes the controls and the detergent tank, which are positioned at the front of the machine and easy to access. On the rear part of the machine, six nozzles and two IP68 (water resistant) fans are installed, which nebulize the sanitizing solution and spray it up to two meters behind the machine and up to three meters in height from the ground.
  • The sanitizer is nebulized and evenly distributed, before depositing and reacting on the floor and other surfaces, without leaving marks or making the surface wet.
  • A spray gun is also connected to the system, to accurately direct the solution to areas which are high touch surfaces or hard-to-reach spots. The spray gun can be activated when the machine is in a stationary position and when it is moving.
  • All the nozzles, four in an elevated position where the spray jet is boosted by the fans, two on the lower part of the machine, and one on the spray gun can be independently activated. A constant rate of solution flow is maintained, regardless of whether the nozzles are used independently or all together. This is due to a special system fitted with a powerful pump, which maintains constant pressure in every operating situation.
  • The controls are simple and convenient to use. Once the key has been inserted the scrubber dryer machine can be used to clean and maintain floors or alternatively to carry out both the cleaning and sanitizing of floors and adjacent walls in a single pass, or even to perform the targeted sanitizing of surfaces. The activation of the machine’s scrubbing and drying functions are in fact completely independent from the activation of the sanitizing kit. Ensuring enhanced safety, optimal cleaning results, and greater productivity.
  • The kit has a stainless-steel structure (highly resistant over time) and features a universal tank compartment, which is compatible with different shapes and sizes of detergent dispenser. This system eliminates the transfer of chemicals and therefore avoids operator contact with these products.