MASTER SIX SIGMA 2016 -  LasiGroup EMS SA, Lameplast S.p.a., Eureka S.p.a., Ducati Motor Holding S.p.a. e Aetna Group S.p.A.


The continuous improvement of a process, and effective internal organization are part of Eureka’s DNA and form the base of our ability to respond to clients’ needs in a timely and personalized manner. This is why, for years, Eureka has been committed to the principles of Lean Production.

“We believe in the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, which we have progressively adopted thanks also to the consultancy of Studio Chiarini & Associati” explains Mattia Scremin, Eureka’s Production Manager. “We have applied the ‘5S’ method to the management of each workstation in the company and, maybe it’s obvious considering we produce cleaning machines, we have dedicated particular attention to the 3rd of the ‘5S’s, Seiso, or, regular cleaning.”

Systematic cleaning maintains the complete efficiency of tools and facilities, and provides the opportunity to identify when components become worn, to carry out preventative maintenance, to ensure a healthy environment and to reduce the rate of illness among employees. Ensuring each work position is always clean and ordered avoids waste, damage, and dirt.

“Lean production isn’t only a way to organize the work in Eureka – continues Scremin – rather, we place it at the center of our actions also in the design of a new machine for the market, because we want our scrubber-dryers and sweepers to add value to our clients and in turn, help them achieve excellence.”

Eureka’s commitment to the design of machines that best meet these requirements, has led to the creation of high quality sweepers and scrubbers, and in turn, has inspired several patents, including our flagship technology, the ECOsystem®, which gives Eureka’s scrubber-dryers the maximum in terms of functionality, ease of use, reduction in waste and guaranteed high efficiency over time.

The ECOsystem® is a technology which is based on the recovery and recycling of cleaning solution. Reusing the same solution more than once, eliminates excessive stop and fill operations and delivers huge time, chemical, water and energy savings. Both the activation and maintenance of the system are also poka-yoke (mistake-proof), which means that the machine can be easily and safely used by anybody. While the innovative automatic cleaning system takes care of the ECOsystem® circuit after each use, so that the operator can really focus on the floors, without distractions or delays in setting up the machine.             

“The introduction of the ECOsystem® - guarantees the engineer Ivan Marani, senior consultant at Studio Chiarini that follows Eureka - is a perfect example of how a company can implement the concept of Lean Production to create value for its customers. Lean production emerges from the organization of business processes, but also takes on a key role in business reasoning.”

“The ECOsystem® – says Scremin – transforms our scrubbers into the perfect machine, because our clients can apply the concept of Lean Production also to cleaning floors.”