SAMSE Picobello Eureka  pulizia  negozi in Francia


Jean-Charles Haas from SAMSE, a distributor of building materials and equipment,  recently sent a letter of thanks addressed to Matteo Baratto, expressing his satisfaction with Eureka’s Picobello.  

“Dear Sig, Barratto,
I came across your email address whilst looking for some details regarding your Picobello 151 Sweeper. I’ve been meaning to thank you, which during your visit I didn’t do at the time, and to inform you that I have already put in place a dozen sweepers in my branches.
I greatly appreciate your availability and will continue to commend this little machine. Wishing you all the best.”  

The SAMSE Group provides a wide range of products to the construction industry, with a distribution network in France made up of over 340 shops.   

Mr. Haas purchased the first Picobello back in 2010. His feedback, after all these years, is a testament to the quality and long life span of Eureka’s manual vacuum sweeper.


There are several characteristics of the Picobello 151 that contribute to its durability:

  • Completely mechanical vacuum filtration system (electronic-free)
  • Unique cartridge filter in polyester and easy to wash
  • Robust steel frame
  • Anti-shock wheels and hopper
  • Long-life brushes, resistant to wear and tear

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