EUREKA | better cleaning results with the new squeegee for scrubber-dryers

The Eureka R&D department originally created the new rear blade to guarantee complete drying of tiled floors and of grout lines. However, for a machine with the characteristics of the E110, the blade immediately proved to be the best choice in every context.   

Hence, the idea of proposing it as the standard setting for every Eureka E110, in both the disk and cylindrical versions. A value adding feature Eureka offers to its clients for continuously better cleaning results.  


  • The new blade is completely compatible with the current squeegee, so it can be installed on machines already out on the market.
  • The material used in the new blade is Linatex®, a rubber that provides maximum adhesion to the floor surface and resistance to wear over time. Linatex® has been used by Eureka for a number of years, due to its guaranteed reliability.
  • The blade can be used on all 4 edges, which further multiplies its life by 4 times.  
  • Thanks to Eureka’s unique coupling/decoupling mechanism, removing and replacing the blade is quick and easy, and doesn’t require tools.


With the new design, Eureka delivers the benefits that have always distinguished its squeegees, and then goes a step further, increasing the drying efficiency thanks to the optimization of the blade's form and thickness.   

The previous blade is still available as a spare part, but the new solution has convinced 100% of clients to which it has already been proposed.

The choice to adopt a new design for the E110 scrubber dryer blade is in line with Eureka’s philosophy of continuous, high-quality research and to introduce a new standard on the market to compare the drying efficiency of different cleaning machines in the same category.