Eureka scrubber dryers are recognized around the world for their ability to guarantee dry floors in a single pass.

The quality of drying, above all, is fundamental for safety, as well as to deliver a complete clean that lasts.

To obtain these results, the drying system of every Eureka scrubber is subject to continuous reviews by the Research and Development team.

The top priority is to guarantee perfect drying, and ensure that floors are immediately ready for traffic, no matter what the application.

To achieve this cleaning objective Eureka focuses on:

  • The selection of powerful vacuum motors, which are reliable and proportioned according to the characteristics of each machine;

  • The accurate design of the squeegee, its curved shape and ability to swing, guaranteeing optimum suction performance and efficient pick up.

  • The choice of top performing squeegee blades: highly resistant material and 4 usable sides.

Over the last few years, Eureka has continued to introduce improvements in these areas.

For example, some of the latest innovations for our squeegee are;

  • 3BLADE® technology, perfect drying on tiled flooring with wide grout lines.

  • Swinguard®, a protective wing which optimizes the movement of the squeegee when working along walls and close to objects.

To obtain perfect results the design of the squeegee blades is critical. The blades are the point of contact between the machine and the floor, and therefore they must guarantee consistent performance, despite being subject to significant physical and chemical stress.

The standard Eureka drying system, with red Linatex® blades, delivers the maximum performance that can be obtained from a general-purpose blade today.

However, when it comes to cleaning floors subject to grease and its derivatives, milk and milk byproducts or cooking oils, we propose OLIRES® blades, a solution specifically developed for these applications and now finally available.

With OLIRES® squeegee blades Eureka again pushes efficiency and safety a step ahead.