Magnum Eureka - electronic traction


Evolution is the new version of the Magnum sweeper with electronic traction, the biggest and most powerful sweeper in the Eureka family.  

A number of new devices guarantee both comfortable and safe use for the operator, such as hydraulic power steering, an automatic system which protects the battery from excessive discharge and a new digital display.    

Meanwhile, the manageability of this large sweeper has been improved with an accurate speed management system which has a two-speed selector and two independent pedals for forward and reverse drive.        

The Magnum’s flagship feature is a new traction motor, which enhances energy efficiency and extends working time, delivering 4 continuous hours of operation, without compromising on power.

The drive wheel permits the Magnum to work on gradients of greater than 10% and regenerate energy during braking. Furthermore, the sweeper is extremely quiet during operation, and because it’s electrical there are no polluting emissions. The Magnum has all the features required to make it perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

With this new electric motor Eureka has opened the door to the future. Just as we’ve seen in the automotive industry, the option to have an electrically powered industrial sweeper is increasingly sort after by users that demonstrate a sense of responsibility to both the environment and their pocket.   

Magnum EB Evolution satisfies this necessity and even more.