Swinguard® safety wing, a protective plate fitted to the tip of the squeegee


Fitted to the squeegee, Swinguard® provides increased accuracy and safety during cleaning along walls, around corners and near objects.

There are many floor cleaning machines on the market to choose from, that make operation quick and easy. However, one of the most critical, and often overlooked issues is the management of a machine when cleaning around edges, near objects and along walls.

Even the most careful operator can miscalculate distances when maneuvering a machine close to objects. And whilst the body of the machine is visible to the operator, the squeegee’s position at the back means it’s easily forgotten. The squeegee is also slightly wider than the machine making it further prone to impact, often resulting in unsightly scratch marks along walls and skirting.

Eureka has addressed this issue with a floating squeegee structure that automatically releases on impact, therefore protecting objects against damage.

And now there’s also the Swinguard® safety wing, a protective plate fitted to the tip of the squeegee. This wing gently guides the squeegee along edges for a close clean, guarding walls and objects against bumps and scrapes.

When the squeegee of a Eureka machine meets an obstacle, it moves sideways, and once the object has been navigated, it returns to its original position. In the case of severe impact, the quick release mechanism activates and prevents damage to machine or the environment. This safety mechanism is essential in the case of unforeseen events, distraction, or error by the operator.

However, every time that the squeegee releases, the operator must stop the machine and reattach the squeegee before continuing with cleaning operations.

This is where Swinguard® comes into play, it anticipates the impact of the squeegee and thanks to the wing like shape, gently guides the squeegee along the profile of the object as if it was running on rails, collecting all the water used during cleaning.

Cleaning isn’t just easier and safer, but also more accurate, delivering consistent results along edges and complete water pick up even during tight turns. 

Swinguard® shows the extra attention to detail, which results from constant research and development by the design team here at Eureka.

Quality cleaning, after all, is a matter of detail.