BULLsystem® Eureka technology on BULL 200

You often hear “There isn’t anything left to invent!” and, who knows, it could even be true, if you exclude all the innovations that evolve from a new combination of existing components. Widely used technologies, that are removed from their original context and are put together in new fields of application, open the doors to unexplored universes.

There is still much to invent then, in fact, the more mature technology available, the greater the number of new combinations possible.

Of course, not just anybody can invent, you need to be able to look beyond how things are now to innovate. It’s necessary to take a step forward and a step back, to observe things up close, and from a distance, in order to consider the subject for what it is, and not only for the role and meaning it has assumed in a specific application.

Nevertheless, innovation happens, and it happened here at Eureka, when our Research and Development team, designed, tested and patented the BULLsystem®, a technology destined to revolutionize the concept of industrial sweeping.

Experts in the world of cleaning have known for some time that the best results are achieved with a sweeper that applies the forward throw (or direct throw) sweeping technique. As the sweeper moves forward the main brush rotates in the opposite direction, pulling the bristles against the floor. Dust and debris are collected and propelled into the hopper, which is positioned in front of the brush. If the hopper was positioned behind the brush, the debris would need to be lifted to pass over the brush before falling into the container. To achieve satisfactory results with this second system, known as overthrow sweeping, it’s necessary that the brush rotates at a faster speed. This means that you’re using more energy and putting more wear on the bristles. Heavy debris is also difficult to pick up as it needs to be lifted over the brush.

Forward throw sweeping therefore achieves better results, it’s more efficient to pick up debris of varying weight, uses less energy and requires fewer brush changes thanks to reduced bristle consumption.

However, up until today, it was thought that the forward throw system could only be applied at the front of a sweeper, and therefore in front of the driver’s seat. The disadvantage of having a large hopper with hydraulic lift at the front of a sweeper is that the operator’s visibility is impaired, reducing both operational safety and handling capability.

There are many sweepers on the market that have a hopper at the back of the unit, but none of them have a forward throw system. They therefore provide the operator with better visibility, maneuverability and therefore safety, but the possibility to install the best sweeping system available is sacrificed.


Eureka has taken the entire sweeping module made up of the main brush and hopper, and has positioned it in the rear part of the machine, without having to invert the order of the components or give up the performance of a forward throw system.

The project, conceptually simple, but with notable design challenges, took Eureka’s R&D team two years to complete, but has resulted in the patented BULLsystem®, and the launch of the BULL 200. As of today, the BULL 200 is the only machine in the world with this revolutionary technology which is changing the industrial sweeper market.

With the BULLsystem® the main brush and hopper are installed at the rear of the machine, anchored to the steel structure, it is possible to raise them via a hydraulic lever.


  • The possibility to enjoy all the advantages of forward throw sweeping, high visibility and excellent loading capacity, thanks to the machine’s intelligent design which positions that driver at the front of the unit and the hopper at the rear.  
  • A high dump hopper system with an unloading height of up to 1580 mm.
  • The possibility to raise the sweeping chamber to the height of the operator, making visual checks and substitution of the main brush and dust skirts quick and convenient.
  • Complete access to the hopper, equipped with hydraulic lift, to facilitate checks and cleaning.
  • The LoadBOOSTER® system which effectively compacts debris, utilizing all the available space inside the high capacity container.
  • The Driveover® System which is the only practical solution for sweepers in this size category to pass over speed bumps and manage sudden changes in gradient.

There are also a number of indirect advantages, for example the fact that, thanks to the BULLsystem®, the sweeper features an automotive driving system with twin front wheels, which further increases safety and handling capability.