floor cleaning machines for the the food industry | Eureka Chrome

Food production processes often take place in humid environments and / or with exposure to corrosive substances such as animal fat, salts, preservatives, vegetable fat, sugary drinks, and alkaline residues.  


If these elements are left in contact with traditional cleaning equipment for long periods of time, they gradually eat away at the frame’s protective coating, and on reaching the metal, the process of oxidation begins.
The rust that forms as a result, can contaminate food products that are being prepared in the areas where the machine is used. The structure of the machine also starts to erode, eventually weakening it to the point that it is no longer useable.  


The majority of floor cleaning equipment available on the market, if used in these environments, is therefore at risk of quickly becoming damaged and in turn obsolete. An additional problem is also the aggressive chemicals that are used to clean in these contexts, which attack the metal of the frame causing further degradation of the material.   


All Eureka scrubber-dryers are supplied as standard with a frame that undergoes cataphoresis treatment. This is an innovative process that uses cutting-edge technology to protect steel against corrosion. The addition of Chrome® however extends the life of the frame potentially forever, even if used in adverse conditions.


For many years the food industry has used stainless steel equipment to prevent the risk of corrosion (and the possible consequence of food contamination) in areas where food preparation, storage and sales take place. Work surfaces, refrigerators and machinery that come into direct contact with food are produced in stainless steel to ensure that the equipment is easy to keep clean and not prone to rusting.  


Observing the excellent results achieved in these applications, Eureka decided to use stainless steel to protect their floor cleaning machines.


Chrome® – INOX stainless steel technology, is the line of scrubber-dryers that was born from this insight. It has been designed to the specific needs of the food sector, with frame and exposed metal components in stainless steel.


Thanks to the characteristics of stainless steel, the frame of Eureka Chrome® machines, will last in time and in the short term demonstrates higher reliability and cost effectiveness.


The Chrome® range of machines, includes scrubber-dryers of all sizes. From the traditional 50 cm brush head of the E51, walk-behind machine suitable for congested spaces, to the latest arrival, the E100 a ride-on scrubber with a one-meter cleaning path. The E100 is fitted as standard with ECOsystem® (patented technology for the recycling of cleaning solution) and is also available with DoseMatic® (the real time chemical dosing system that allows precise control of the chemical delivered to the brush).


With the Chrome® scrubber-dryer range, Eureka offers an effective solution, with machines adapted to every context from restaurant kitchens to the largest international food industries.