Cleaning the construction site of tower blocks and skyscrapers.

The kit allows the sweeper to be lifted with a crane or hoist, making it possible to clean every floor level when elevators or lifts aren’t available.

On a construction site it may be necessary to access different floor levels to carry out cleaning operations, and service elevators aren’t always available, or haven’t be installed yet.

Self-propelled floor cleaning machines are ideal for construction site maintenance, they are high performing, control dust, and reduce the time required to carry out effective cleaning. However, lifting a machine by hand to the top floors of multistory buildings under construction is difficult, sometimes even impossible.

On the other hand, cleaning large areas equipped only with a dustpan and broom, is inefficient and dangerous for the health of the operator, especially in environments where there is a high concentration of dust.

How is it possible to avoid cleaning a multistory building site with a dustpan and broom?

Eureka has two solutions: 

These two machines can quickly clean all the floors of a building not just the first.

The Picobello is a manual sweeper which is compact and light, the handle can be folded down making it easy to transport up and down stairs by hand.

The Kobra is not as light, due to the fact that it is a self-propelled walk behind sweeper that is powered either by a battery or petrol engine. It’s maneuverable, versatile and high performing which accelerates cleaning operations and guarantees great results even in environments with heavy dust.

To use this sweeper on different floor levels, during the construction of houses, buildings, warehouses or skyscrapers Eureka has created a lifting kit, which can be installed on the machine enabling the Kobra to be transported to any floor, hoisting it with a crane or winch.

The optional kit can be fitted easily to the Kobra in a couple of minutes, even in a second moment after purchasing the machine itself.

Try to imagine cleaning a new five floor building with 200m2 of floor space on each level.

An experienced worker would take over 250 hours to carry out this work with a dustpan and broom, not to mention that a brush actually lifts a lot of the dust instead of removing it. This means airborne particles either end up resettling on the floor, making the area dirty again, or getting breathed in by the operator.  

With the Kobra the same floor area can be cleaned without raising dust in less than an hour, and with the lifting kit its now possible to use the machine on multistory constructions sites.