Professional sweepers are a valuable tool to maintain sports facilities, green spaces and open spaces dedicated to sport and recreation.

Imagine that you’ve finished work for the day, and that you’ve just arrived at the tennis court for a relaxing game.

Or, it’s Sunday and you decide to go for a run in your local park which is equipped with outdoor fitness equipment.

Or even, you and a group of friends have organized to meet at the football pitch for a game of 5-a-side.  

Now imagine that you arrive in these oases of peace, ready to switch off and dedicate your time to sport and having fun.

How would you react if you found the access roads dirty, the facilities covered with leaves and sand, or rubbish pitch side?

Your motivation would decrease and the sports center (or the cycle path, or park or…) would quickly start to lose users. Word of mouth would then do the rest.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon that new facilities and structures stop being used due to a lack of a good daily maintenance program, which is such a shame because the initial investments for sports facilities are often considerable.

In comparison the cost of daily maintenance is minimal.  

With careful planning and the correct equipment, cleaning can be quick and inexpensive, the result is that these spaces are kept clean, useable and welcoming.

A professional sweeper is the machine to help with this task, thanks to its high productivity and efficiency.

Depending on the dimensions of the area that needs to be cleaned, there are different models of walk behind and ride-on sweepers available, which can then also be personalized with a range of optionals for different requirements, in both indoor and outdoor environments. Cleaning path width is an important consideration when choosing the right sweeper, this will depend on the total surface area to be cleaned and the level of congestion in this space.

A sweeper is an effective tool to clean squares and access roads, removing leaves, litter, and dirt in general.

Sweepers contribute to dramatically cutting the time involved in cleaning of multi-purpose sports facilities, stadiums, footballs pitches, gymnasiums, and other centers dedicated to sport, guaranteeing superior quality in cleaning and saving many hours of work.