Anti-skid wheels

Which are the best wheels to use for a scrubber-dyer?

The wheels installed by Eureka on its floor scrubbers are made of either polyurethane or Vulkollan, according to the characteristics of the machine.

The available materials were studied and tested by our Research and Development Department, and in the end the polyurethane compounds resulted the preferred choice for their physicochemical characteristics.

This material guarantees in fact an interesting mix of features that give safety, high performance and resistance to Eureka floor cleaning machines.

First, the tyres in polyurethane are full rubber, and therefore are resistant to punctures. They are also not subject to drops in pressure, which can happen with pneumatic tyres.

Furthermore, the tyres are elastic, and non-slip. Based on the results of testing the adherence of the tyres to a wet floor, which was carried out with different machines, the best materials were chosen, and different molds were designed for each scrubber dryer model, taking due account that the machines constantly operate in contact with water and chemicals.

To guarantee even greater safety, Eureka has also selected tyres that are only made of oil-proof compounds, because many of the industrial applications that scrubber dryers work in, have floors that are covered in mineral oil or when it comes to the food industry, animal fats and vegetable oils.

Some competitors also propose pneumatic wheels filled with urethane foam. Eureka does not provide this choice because we believe that this type of wheel is subject to deformation. This can happen for example if the machine is used infrequently, or due to the presence of air bubbles inside the tyre, which in the long term can cause it to become distorted, therefore compromising the perfect distribution of the machine.

An alternative solution to polyurethane wheels, proposed by Eureka, are the wheels made of Vulkollan (patented by Bayer), with even greater characteristics than their polyurethane counterparts, but with an associated increase in price – this type of wheel is fitted as standard where the weight of the machine is such that their use is advisable.

The last key characteristic of scrubber dryer wheels is that they don’t leave any marks where the machine has passed. It wouldn’t be very professional to leave scuff marks right at the end of cleaning, so to prevent this frustrating possibility from occurring, all wheels used by Eureka are non-marking.