Eureka designs its scrubber-dryers (and all its floor cleaning machines) starting from the operator’s point of view, paying careful attention to safety, ease of use and the maintenance of the machine. The underlying principle is that whoever uses a Eureka scrubber-dryer, should be able to do so without putting themselves, others, or the machine itself at risk.

For this reason, from the early stages of design, we put ourselves in the shoes of the person who is going to use the machine, making it safe and enjoyable to drive thanks to careful ergonomic analysis.


There are many important advantages that result from a careful design process. With a Eureka floor cleaning machine, you’ll benefit from:

  • Reduction in the overall number of hours dedicated to cleaning operations (if the machine is simple to use and intuitive to the operator, less time is required to become familiar with the equipment)
  • Improved efficiency (a floor cleaning machine which is easy to set up, leaves less margin for error during its configuration)
  • Lower running costs (a correctly calibrated machine enables you to significantly reduce water and chemical consumption, and wear of consumable parts)
  • Decreased absence rate due to illness and accidents (ergonomic scrubber-dryers cause less fatigue to the operator, preventing accidents and absence due to illness)
  • Reduction in expensive down-time (easy and safe operation of floor cleaning equipment results in fewer mishaps that can influence the functioning of the machine, and even cause damage to objects and other people)
  • No training costs (the ease of use means operators can start using the machine without having to dedicate time to long training sessions, or to obtaining specific qualifications)

To summarize, one of the most important outcomes of an operator centered design process, is that anyone, even employees without previous experience, or specific qualifications, can be introduced to the operation of Eureka floor cleaning machines.

Furthermore, obtaining better health, safety, and a significant reduction in time dedicated to cleaning operations and relative costs.