How to clean a gym floor

Gyms for crossfit and weights, boxing rings, tatami and mats for exercise, dance classrooms, rooms for courses, school gyms, sports centres, sport halls, indoor courts for team sports like volley ball, basketball, handball, athletics… there are many types of sports facilities all with one thing in common: they are covered spaces, dedicated to the improvement of a person’s physical and psychological wellbeing and their mood…working out and sweating.

During and after each session, these places require thorough cleaning, to avoid the spreading of germs, bacteria, odor, mold and stuck on dirt…

You go to the gym to feel good, and there’s nothing more unmotivating that finding the facility unclean or poorly kept. Dirt is a major transmitter of illness and the odor of sweat is bothersome and can even result in nausea. Facilities that are not maintained are usually quickly abandoned for this reason.

How can sports and fitness facilities be kept clean and safe?

What does effective cleaning involve at a gym? How should rubber gym floors or tatami mat be cleaned?

Good ventilation via air conditioning systems, or the use of disinfectants to clean equipment isn’t enough. Sanitizing the floor is the first step to obtaining better results. In fact, the floor represents the biggest surface area in every one of these facilities, the last surface toward which, due to gravity, everything – sweat included – tends to fall. Not everybody uses completely clean shoes to go the gym, and this further compromises the cleanliness of the environment.

How many cinema scenes have immortalized boxers dripping with sweat during a match, dancers bleeding in the obsessive repetition of a movement, or basketball players that slip on a patch of their own sweat?

Only the correct sanitization of courts, flooring, tracks and platforms can prevent the accumulation of impurities and potentially harmful agents.

Choosing the right scrubber dryer can dramatically change floor cleaning operations, making tasks simpler and faster. With an auto scrubber it’s also possible to solve the age-old problem of how to clean rubber flooring, which is used widely in gyms.

A careful choice among the various models available on the market will identify the most suitable cleaning machine for a sports center, and in addition, the most appropriate personalization and the best technology, based on the type of flooring used in that specific application, such as parquet, rubber, laminate, tiled carpet or PVC.

A scrubber dryer configured for a gym, according to the priorities given by the floor and the type of use, will deliver thorough sanitization at great speed, without causing any damage to the floor. This brings an important and immediate advantage for those that use a floor cleaning machine, from both hygienic and economic points of view.

To deeply clean semi rigid flooring such as shock absorbing rubber mats, a special Brush Pressure Control Kit is available, making Eureka scrubber dryers unique and guaranteeing easier cleaning operations.  

The key technologies that Eureka brings to the table, to clean floors that are used in sports facilities are:

  • ECOsystem® – Patented by Eureka, designed to recover and reuse cleaning solution. Saves water, chemical and time, significantly reducing the cost of cleaning.

  • FlowMaster® – This device has been developed by Eureka to adjust the flow of solution delivered to the floor, maintaining it in proportion to the forward speed of the machine. This ensures a constant level of sanitization and, at the same time, avoids too much solution being delivered to the floor. This is not only a waste of solution but can also lead to slip and fall accidents.

  • DoseMatic® – Adjusts in real time the amount of chemical being mixed with the water to obtain the best cleaning results irrespective of the level of dirt, improving the quality of cleaning and optimizing costs.

  • Scrubber-dryers with stainless steel frames Resistant to corrosion, and therefore ideal for cleaning swimming pools, and the areas adjacent to the pool. Or even to clean changing rooms, or a wellness area with a sauna or steam room.

  • Super elastic, non-marking tyres don’t leave black marks on the floor during turns, essential when working with light colored floors.

  • Linatex squeegee blades

  • Brushes, pad holders and pads, with different characteristics to satisfy different cleaning requirements, with maximum respect for delicate floors.


Eureka’s scrubber dryers are already being used in numerous gyms all over the world, for example to clean the Kioene Arena in Padova, the home of the Padova Super League volley ball team, the best example of Italian volleyball.


Discover the Eureka scrubber dryers which are best suited to gyms and sports centers: