WATCH YOUR STEP  | Eureka Floor Cleaning Machines

WATCH YOUR STEP (airports)!

Pay attention to where you put your feet, not all scrubbers dry the floor as well as others!

Not all scrubber-dryers satisfy the expectations that they create, and day-to-day, it isn’t infrequent to come across machines that wash the floor but do not dry it correctly.

 The reasons for poor drying performance are different, incorrect positioning of the squeegee, worn squeegee blades (due to intensive use or low-quality materials) and in the worst-case scenario, vacuuming power which isn’t adequate for the type of machine or another defect in the design of the unit.

Whatever the reason, an auto scrubber that doesn’t properly dry the floor is a real problem, and this is particularly serious if the machine is used in high traffic areas such as stations, airports, supermarkets, shopping centers or subway systems…places that usually have smooth floors that therefore must be perfectly dry after cleaning.

If the promise “clean and ready for traffic” isn’t kept, the risk is that floors become slippery and dangerous. The customers of stations and airports who are not attentive, maybe because they are in a rush, have a phone in their hand, or are carrying heavy, bulky, suitcases, may not see wet patches on the floor, and could fall.

Supermarkets also have particular requirements, for example in fresh produce sections such as the fruit and veg aisles, or the fish counter. These areas need to be cleaned periodically throughout the day to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and the usability of the section / shop. Poor drying performance, especially at peak times, would compromise the safety of customers and store image.

Choose a scrubber-dryer with a high performing drying system. Choose Eureka!

Eureka pays particular attention to the drying phase and carefully develops the design of both its squeegee and vacuum motors.

The parabolic shape of a Eureka squeegee is specifically designed to maintain maximum vacuuming power along the entire length of the squeegee, and as the machine moves the squeegee swings guaranteeing maximum pick up even during a curve. The Linatex® blades used for the squeegee are made with the best materials available on the market in terms of adhesion to the floor and resistance to use, the vacuum motors are powerful and always in proportion to the machine’s dimensions and to the maximum flow of solution that the machine delivers to the ground.

3BLADE® is a recent technology developed specifically by Eureka, for perfect drying of tiled floors with wide grout lines. Another recent development - a testimony to Eureka’s dedication to the level of drying performance it offers – is the redesign of the squeegee of the E110 scrubber-dryer, the largest and top performing scrubber in the range.    


The scrubber-dryers with blades in Linatex® are: