Kathagen N.V., Eureka’s exclusive distributor in Benelux, is one of the leading cleaning equipment suppliers in those three countries.

Established in 1976 Kathagen N.V.  provides a wide range of professional, high quality solutions to the Industrial and institutional markets.

From 2003 Kathagen has chosen to market exclusively Eureka machines, preferring them for their efficiency, reliability and attention to environmental impact.

"There are many special characteristics in Eureka machines, like cleaning solutions of low environmental impact - says Rudi Brauns (CEO Kathagen NV) - Among all, the Ecosystem is definitely the most revolutionary device, as it saves large amounts of detergent, water and labor during each cleaning operation."

Ecosystem, in fact, recovers and recycles the cleaning solution, ensuring the cleanliness of always with a use of chemical up to 3 times lower compared to a scrubber with a traditional cleaning system. In addition, not being necessary to stop for fresh water refills or to empty the recovery tank (in average a 20 minutes task), the ECOsystem makes you spare also a lot of time.