What is a battery powered floor sweeper?

There are manual, electric, petrol and diesel sweepers.

The distinctive feature of the electric floor sweepers is that they are an emission-free cleaning machines, making them compatible for use inside. These floor sweepers do not pollute and are much quieter than models with an engine.

No matter what type of battery is fitted (gel, agm, lithium, lead acid), industrial sweepers that are battery powered give an excellent cleaning performance on any type of floor and with any type of dirt.

Eureka battery floor sweepers

Eureka battery industrial sweepers are designed to offer comfortable use and to be low maintenance, with easy access to the battery compartments, automatic watering systems for lead acid battery packs, extended working autonomy.

All eureka battery sweeping machines are designed for configuration with lead acid, agm, gel or sonnenschein batteries.

For easier operation and replacement, our larger electric sweeping machines are available with industrial battery packs, which are the most commonly used in the forklift world. This solution guarantees a much longer battery life with respect to traditional modular batteries, and therefore greater working autonomy for the machine.