The Eureka E110-R, scrubber dryer. Sweeps and scrubs large areas in a single pass.
Whereas before you needed two different, large machines, a sweeper and a scrubber-dryer, today all you need is an E110-R, the combi machine by Eureka.
Eureka E110-R | The combi sweeper-scrubber from Eureka

The E110-R is the sweeper/scrubber by Eureka

The system, featuring two opposing cylindrical brushes that rotate at high speed, ensures both debris collection via the sweeping function, and thorough floor scrubbing.

With a cleaning path of 110 cm and a maximum forward speed of 8 Km/h, E110-R has a productivity that exceeds 8,800 m2/hour.

Furthermore, thanks to the innovative Eureka features available on this machine, including the ECOsystem®, the consumption of water and detergent are notably reduced, with running costs decreasing by up to 80% in respect to traditional machines in the same category.   

ECA Water Technology List

The Eureka ECOsystem®, standard on the E110-R, allows huge reductions in water consumption. 
This significant achievement has permitted Eureka's scrubbers to  earn a place on the Water Technology List in the UK.

Patented ECOsystem® technology | Eureka E110-R combo sweep & scrub
Patented ECOsystem® technology

Patented ECOsystem® technology, which recycles cleaning solution. It helps save water, detergent and labour, thus limiting the environmental impact of the cleaning operations. Fitted with a self-cleaning system for the ECOsystem® circuit.

Patented DoseMatic® technology | Eureka E110-R
Patented DoseMatic® technology/ Eureka E110-R

Patented DoseMatic® technology, allows to adjust in real time the concentration of detergent in the cleaning solution

Patented FlowMASTER® technology | Eureka E110- R combo machine
Patented FlowMASTER® technology

Patented FlowMASTER® technology: ensures that solution dispensing is proportional to the forward speed of the unit.

Control Panel | EUREKA E110 -R
Control Panel

A control panel grouping all functions, easily accessible to the operator whilst driving.

battery lifetime of over 4 consecutive hour  | EUREKA E110 -R
Battery lifetime of over 4 consecutive hour

Operating time and battery lifetime of over 4 consecutive hours

Traction motor E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine
Traction motor

A powerful and reliable traction motor installed vertically over the drive wheel, in a protected location inside the machine nose.

sweeping/scrubbing unit  E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine
Sweeping / Scrubbing unit

The sweeping/scrubbing unit is made of stainless steel, to withstand use in corrosive environments.

stainless-steel debris collection basket | E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine
Stainless-steel debris collection basket

A stainless-steel debris collection basket is located close to the cylindrical brushes, directly accessible for easy emptying.

Self-levelling splash guards | E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine
Self-levelling splash guards

Self-levelling splash guards prevent side splashing and ensure that the cleaning solution does not escape from under the brushes, for accurate cleaning.

Double side brushes | E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine
Double side brush

Availability of double side brushes, to accelerate cleaning operations and ease access to corners and skirting boards.

Stainless-steel floating squeegee | E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine
Stainless-steel floating squeegee

The drying system features a stainless-steel floating crescent-shaped squeegee, and a vacuum system with two three-stage motors.

E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine |  Linatex® squeegee blades
Linatex® squeegee blades

Exclusive, uniquely designed Linatex® squeegee blades, ensure optimal drying even on floors with wide grout lines

Strong and stable frame/structure - E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine
Strong and stable frame/structure

Extremely strong and stable frame/structure: the machine has a total weight of 1,200 kg.

 E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine | 360-degree visibility
360-degree visibility

Comfortable driving for the operator and 360-degree visibility.

safety and security |  E110-R comi sweep /scrub machine
Safety and security

Weight sensors on the seat. Safety belts. A button cutting off the supply of power to all components in case of emergency or for maintenance purposes....

overhead guard | Eureka E110-R
Overhead guard

An overhead guard, optional, protecting the operator in case any objects should accidentally fall from above, when moving in congested areas.

squeegee blades replacing
Squeegee blades can be replaced quickly

Squeegee blades can be replaced quickly, without having to use any tools.

clean water tank  | Eureka E110-R
clean water tank

A wide receptacle allows to easily fill and thoroughly inspect the clean water tank.

recovery tank | Eureka E110-R combo machine
recovery tank

The recovery tank is equipped with a stainless-steel basket: an auxiliary filter preventing any clogging and further streamlining system maintenance.

necked drain hose | Eureka E110-R combo machine
Necked drain hose

A necked drain hose allows the operator to better control the water flow during emptying operations.

Eureka E110-R |Productivity graph of the sweeper-scrubber from Eureka


Logistics centres, industrial sites, special-purpose and community centres, schools, offices, religious buildings, hospitals, public buildings, airports, ports, shopping centres, cleaning contractors and multi-service firms.


Ceramics, marble, cement/concrete, linoleum, non-slip surfaces, porcelain tiling, and many other surfaces.

Cleaning path (mm)110 cm
Cleaning capacity8.800 m²/h
Solution tank capacity220 L
Recovery tank capacity240 L
Traction electronic assisted
Forward speed8 km/h
Drive36 V
Battery1 x 36 V
Battery chargeron-board
Weight (inclusive of battery & charger)1.200 kg
Size - without squeegee (l x w x h)1.940 x 1.170 x 1.640 mm
Squeegee width1.260 mm
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