Eureka Picobello | manual (mechanical) sweepers

What is a manual floor sweeper?

A manual sweeper can only move forward when the operator pushes the machine forward via the handle, meaning that the only “forward drive” on this type of floor cleaning machine is the operators’ legs. Consequently, manual push sweepers are the most eco-friendly sweepers available on the market.

Manual sweepers are generally very compact and can be used for quick and effortless sweeping of small to medium sized floors.

Eureka manual (mechanical) sweepers

The eureka manual sweepers are the Picobello 101 and the Picobello 151 ECOVAC®. All eureka manual push sweepers stand out because they are:

  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Fully mechanical

These two versions of the eureka manual sweeper are highly efficient and sweep floors at least ten times faster than a man with a broom. The brush pressure can be adjusted depending on the type of floor and dirt, making the picobello ideal for any floor type. Furthermore, these push sweepers have the largest debris containers in this category which prevents stopping to empty them during the cleaning operations and reduces downtime.

In Eureka, quality is one of our key values, and the picobello manual push sweeper is very durable. The machine frame is coated steel, with ABS containers to withstand any knocks, and the wheels, mounted on self-lubricating bearings, are much larger than standard for easier handling and less effort.   Moreover, both the Picobello 101 and the 151 ECOVAC® are fully mechanical professional sweepers with no electronics, therefore maintenance is drastically reduced and much simpler. There are no batteries or engines installed which means that these manual sweepers are perfectly safe to use in atex environments. 

The Picobello 151 ECOVAC® model is also fitted with a unique patented system to control the dust as it not only sweeps but also vacuums and filters the dust, with no need for electricity or engines. In fact the ECOVAC® patent means that the eureka Picobello 151 is the only completely mechanical manual sweeper that is able to filter the dust while it's sweeping.