What is a ride on floor sweeper?

Ride on sweepers differ from the others because the user sits on-board to operate the machine.

These are industrial floor sweepers with traction, that are designed for high productivity and to offer a comfortable driving position for the operator.

As these ride on floor sweepers are motorized (via a combustion engine or battery) they can be fitted with large brushes and debris containers and have powerful forward speed. This makes them high performing sweepers ideal for medium to large surfaces.

Eureka ride on floor sweepers

The eureka range of industrial ride on sweepers includes the Tigra, Rider 1201, Xtrema and Magnum lines, meaning there is a wide choice of models which are battery, diesel, petrol or lpg powered.

The ride on floor sweepers are the largest, best performing of the eureka machines. They have a wide sweeping path, bigger debris containers and powerful vacuum and filtration systems. Big machines for high performance, which also offer the operator a comfortable driving position and ergonomic seat and wheel.

This type of industrial floor sweepers are normally recommended for large floor areas from 4-5,000 square meters and up.