What is a walk-behind floor sweeper?

What is a walk behind floor sweeper?

Walk behind sweepers, also known as manual or pedestrian sweepers, are a category of floor sweeping machines, known for being exceptionally agile and easy to handle. Operated by a user, who is on foot behind the unit, hence the name walk behind. The operator uses the handle to control the functions of the machine and guide the forward movement (with traction or manual).

The minimal overall size and weight of these walk behind floor sweepers means that anybody can manage the machine both safely and without effort. The forward speed is never faster than a person’s average walking speed: for a completely mechanical sweeper this is determined by how quickly the operator pushes, whereas for an automatic sweeper, speed is controlled via a drive lever.

Agility and manageability make pedestrian sweepers the best choice for efficient sweeping in small and medium size areas or highly crowded spaces.

Eureka walk behind sweepers

Eureka’s range of professional walk behind sweeper includes the manual Picobello, which is totally mechanical, and available in two versions; with or without the ECOVAC® patented filter system, and the Kobra walk behind sweeper, with traction, which is available in a battery or honda petrol engine version.

These are industrial sweepers that are very economical, manageable, and low maintenance. Agile even in confined spaces, they are usually recommended for cleaning areas of up to 4-5,000 square meters.