Eureka S.p.A globally distributes floor cleaning equipment, produced in Italy, thanks to a network of authorized distributors, selected for their experience in the sector and trustworthiness. 

Through this international network, which works with Protected area, Eureka provides solutions for every request, with local service consultants in over 60 countries in the world. Aftersales assistance is provided by qualified technicians.

If you are looking for a Eureka distributor close to you,

write to us at the following addresses, or complete the form at the bottom of the page. 

Your request will be forwarded directly to the regional office, who will provide you with assistance.  

Please remember: the more information you provide the easier it is for us to provide you with a precise response that meets you needs.

Commercial consultancy: 

If your request concerns a quote or you require purchasing advice, don’t forget to indicate the dimensions of the spaces to clean, the application, the name of your company and the sector your work in.

Technical assistance:

If you require technical assistance, please provide the details of the machine for which you require assistance e.g. Serial number and frame number, model, and year of purchase.