With new and old legislation within industry, plus the high standards now being strived for by all companies, cleaning has taken a very high priority. It is therefore important that manufacturers and suppliers are able to give the quality of products and service to meet those requirements, and this is where Eureka prides itself, firstly by manufacturing products with high standards of quality, robustness and versatility, secondly by selling and servicing them through a worldwide network second to none, and thirdly by using its experience to give free advice. 

When you sell a product, with it you sell your name, your pride and your image. Eureka is well known in the industry as a manufacturer of high quality sweeping machines, but the machine is only one component in a range of problem solving services, which we, and our partners-distributors, provide to the users. 

All our international partners-distributors are selected according to a criteria which evaluates their capacity to respond with a high level of professionalism and skill to customers problems. I would say they must prove to be - other than sales persons - problem solving orientated. 

All distributors carry in stock our complete range of sweepers (and replacement parts to guarantee excellent after-sales service at any time), therefore they are able to perform a free demonstration within a short time. Before doing this they analyse the size of the areas to be cleaned, the type of area, if it's narrow or large, indoor or outdoor, the type of dirt, the type of floor etc. We know very well that suggesting or demonstrating the wrong machine would mean losing the customer without having solved his problem. 

Furthermore, our teams of professionals can present to the customer a "Productivity Survey" which will be able to show what real savings he will make by buying our equipment in comparison to other cleaning methods.

Today Eureka products are distributed in over 40 countries. Such a vast international presence bears a testimony to the growing trust that customers around the world have reposed on the Eureka brand name over the years.


"By including Eureka sweepers into our programme, we have improved our overall range of cleaning machines and our professional image. Our customers have immediately appreciated this high quality, well-manufactured product. The very professional attitude shown by Eureka towards problem solving matters will certainly contribute to further elevating our enviable reputation as a reliable supplier...
ASC – Australian Sweeper Company

"We took on the Eureka range of sweepers having realised how important is that suppliers are able to meet high quality standards required by the market. After establishing our links with Eureka, we look forward to a bright future...
PTS Clean LTD - United Kingdom

"Eureka sweepers fitted the bill perfectly, and added style and quality to our aim of specialisation in the supply of industrial cleaning equipment....
Stamh Group - Bulgaria

Our job is not over. We are constantly scanning the markets in search of new ideas, exploring new possibilities with the help of our distributors and service teams, which are an immense source of information and feedback.
With all our partners-distributors, our suppliers, our staff, we bring forward our company's vision: working for safer, cleaner environments!"