What is a battery powered floor scrubber?

A battery floor scrubber is an electric scrubber-dryer that works thanks to energy storage systems, commonly known as traction batteries.

On the professional market there are numerous models of scrubber-dryers that can be divided into different types by size, drive system or other technical features and performance indicators.

However, all floor scrubbers have at least two features in common: a brush unit and a drying unit which both need a motor to work and, therefore, a power source. Given their widespread indoor use, in the world of professional scrubber-dryers the drive motors are nearly always electric and, depending on the case, they can be powered by cord or battery.

Specifically, the industrial floor scrubbers with traction, for larger floor areas, are all battery powered, while models designed for smaller spaces can also be cord powered. The greatest advantage given by battery power is there are no limits to movement. An industrial battery floor scrubber does not pollute, and is operated with the only limit given by the battery’s working autonomy.

Eureka battery floor scrubbers

Eureka battery powered floor scrubbers are designed to ensure easy handling for the operator and simple maintenance.

They are optimized to guarantee long-lasting autonomy with the battery pack sized to generate the best mix of performance, cost and ease of use. The battery compartment in eureka scrubber-dryers is in a quickly accessible position and for lead acid batteries there is also an automatic top-up kit, for simple, safe maintenance of the batteries to guarantee a long life.

Moreover, all Eureka scrubbing machines have the battery charger installed on board as standard, meaning the batteries can be charged anywhere and at any time, as long as there is a power socket nearby.

Eureka professional electric floor scrubbers are designed for use with AGM, Sonnenschein or gel batteries. For greater operator comfort and easy removal, an important factor given the weight of the batteries, the larger models can also be equipped with industrial battery packs, which are widely used in forklifts and other machines in production factories and logistics centres.

Some scrubber-dryer models can also be fitted with lithium-ion batteries. The main advantages they offer are: they are maintenance free, long-lasting, and they recharge more quickly than other types of battery.

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