What is a cable powered floor scrubber-dryer?

Cabled, or corded, scrubber-dryers are the professional floor scrubbers that must be connected to an external electricity source in order to work.

As the cord defines the machine’s working range, this type of scrubber-dryer is particularly effective in spaces with medium or small sized floors. For their ease of use and great price, corded scrubber-dryers are an excellent solution in these spaces: an efficient and economic choice.

Eureka cable powered floor scrubber-dryers

Eureka proposes the professional cable powered E36, E46, E50 scrubber-dryers.

Their compact design gives very fast and precise movements even in the most confined spaces.

The cord powered models are also ready to use at any time, as there is no down-time to recharge the batteries.

As well as the three walk-behind scrubber-dryers, E36, E46 and E50, there is also the EC52 model to rapidly deep clean any type and brand of escalator and travellator.