Eureka offers various models of ride on scrubber dryers


What is a ride on floor scrubber?

A ride on floor scrubber requires that the user is on-board to operate the scrubbing machine.

There are numerous different models of scrubber-dryers in the professional cleaning world, from the smallest and most compact for small-medium sized areas, to the largest models for vast spaces, such as the most evolved factories and logistics centres in the world.

The smallest floor scrubbers are often walk behind so that the operator can agilely manage the machine and maintain maximum control. However, for the best cleaning efficiency in large spaces the best models are the ride on scrubber-dryers.

Apart from the fact the operator has to sit on board, there are other common features for all these scrubbing machines, such as high capacity tanks, a wide cleaning path and higher than average brush pressure. This guarantees efficient, deep cleaning and extensive working autonomy.

Eureka ride on floor scrubbers

Eureka offers various models of ride on scrubber dryers, from the most compact E65, E75 and E83, whose size enables them to pass through doors and lifts, to the most technological high-performance machines E85, E100 and E110-d, all fitted as standard with the revolutionary ECOsystem® patented by Eureka to recover and recycle the washing solution.

The rider range of professional floor scrubbers is completed by the innovative Eureka  E110-r, a high-performance combi machine that sweeps and scrubs the floor in one pass. Eureka rider scrubber-dryers are designed around the operator to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

True to eureka’s principles, these ride on floor scrubbers are also built to last and to be efficient and reliable, with a number of optional add-ons to solve even the most difficult cleaning needs.