Eureka motorised industrial sweepers

What is a motorised floor sweeper?

What is commonly known as a motorised sweeper is usually an industrial sweeper fitted with an internal combustion engine.

These sweepers work with various types of fuel (petrol, diesel, lpg…) and given the very powerful and reliable engine, they can efficiently clean medium to large outdoor surfaces.

A common feature on all the internal combustion engine sweepers is the various operations systems: ignition or starter system, power feed system, cooling system and discharge system. To operate these functions in an advanced motorized sweeper, a hydraulic system is usually installed, which is simpler, more efficient, and lower maintenance than a pulley and chain system.

Eureka motorised sweepers

Apart from the smallest models, all eureka industrial sweepers have one or more models with an internal combustion engine fitted, ideal to clean public squares, car parks, streets, outdoor storage units, building sites and any other outdoor and well-ventilated area.

The Kobra walk-behind sweeper and the Rider 1201 compact ride-on sweeper, a very versatile and productive motorized model, have a honda petrol engine, while Xtrema and Magnum, the largest models of eureka industrial sweepers are fitted with a kubota diesel or petrol engine. Both are leading brands that guarantee quality and a widespread service network around the world that is immediately on hand when needed.

The magnum sweeper is also available in a hybrid version powered by petrol and lpg, a cheaper and more ecofriendly fuel that can also be used indoors, offering great advantages compared to battery systems with their obvious limits of working autonomy and recharging needs. The lpg gas bottle can be changed in just a few minutes meaning an lpg powered sweeper can be considered the non-stop working solution.