The Academy is the exclusive Eureka training project for the constant updating of technicians and salesmen dedicated to the network of distributors who promote our brand worldwide.

Set up at our headquarters in Italy, it hosts training meetings, workshops, and technical presentations to continuously prepare and keep up-to-date official Eureka dealers and the entire company team.

Why is dealer training and updating so important?

In high-tech machinery, fully aware technicians and salespeople are the only way to provide complete and specific answers to different customer needs. Cleaning machinery is no exception.
It is much easier to convincingly demonstrate the efficiency, durability, and effectiveness of Eureka cleaning machines when you are familiar with their technology and patents. 
Every component is designed and assembled with care, which must be conveyed, contextualised, and explained, as it always brings concrete advantages in terms of use, maintenance, everyday time and resource savings and, last but not least, the durability of the machines in the long term. 

How does dealer training take place at the Eureka Academy?

During the courses organised at the Academy, the sweepers and the scrubber dryers are thoroughly studied down to the smallest detail, including if necessary, disassembling and reassembling them piece by piece. 

  • As sales staff learn about the features, versions and options available, they are able to test each configuration first-hand and work out possible contexts of use.
  • Technicians, on the other hand, explore the technical and design features of the machines in greater detail, delving into the numerous patents and technologies developed exclusively by Eureka and understanding their positive practical consequences in daily use. Their training, mainly aimed at the prompt after-sales service, allows them to benefit directly from the manufacturer's know-how to learn the correct maintenance of sweepers and scrubbers, guaranteeing durability and consistent performance for the end user.

The Eureka Academy also produces numerous in-depth digital contents, such as manuals, presentations and videos, which are also available online.

Finally, each training course includes the awarding of a diploma that guarantees the level of preparation achieved, as well as providing an official testimony of the operator's growth path both for his own company and for his end customers.