Rider 1201 to sweep their new 1700 Square metre  purpose built farming shed


Luke Graham, Manager of the Broomfield Estate,  recently invested in a Eureka/ASC Rider 1201 to sweep their new 1700 Square metre purpose built farming shed which houses headers, huge John Deere Tractors and spraying equipment to maintain their 7000+ acre farm. The Wiltuna area is known as one of the best farming areas in South Australia which is near the SA York Peninsula.

Tony Bilos of ASC Australia installed the new machine which has made life cleaning the massive shed a lot more bearable and time efficient, and Luke Graham was instructed in the operation and maintenance of the machine which should see a service life of some 20 plus years.

As buyers of some of the best farming equipment available on the world market Luke and his father Brett Graham were very conscious of investing in trouble free sweeping equipment, and ASC, exclusive dealer for Eureka sweepers & scrubbers in Australia, were happy to recommend & install the new Rider 1201 with its Honda power plant.