The website, dedicated to Eureka S.p.A. is the representative site of the company, the contents tell the story of the Eureka company and people.

Inside, not only technical information relating to products, references and contacts relating to the marketing of these have been included, but also articles and news relating to the world of cleaning, hygiene and maintenance of buildings and private and public environments.

This site is the connection and hub for all Eureka activities, holdings and events involving the company, it is an opportunity to learn more about Eureka in its various facets.
The portal is constantly updated, it is edited and revised in order to offer users a fresh and renewed service with every click. The presence of photos, videos and reports adds a more lively touch and favors its continuous progress.

We wanted to create as an evolutionary platform through which to tell the atmosphere and ideas that animate our productions. It is our duty to thank for this, the people who work every day in the various branches of Eureka and have made it become today's reality day after day.

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On the basis of the aforementioned ex law 62/2001 "information provided" The contents of this site are not of a periodic nature and do not represent an "editorial product", for this reason the updates are not bound to current events but to sectoral news and considered important by the authors of the site.

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