Having exceeded 130 employees and a turnover of 22.5 million euros, Eureka’s management has decided to boost this consistent growth with the introduction of some important changes. Among these, the appointment of a new managing director, the restyling of the company logo, and the expansion of the production plants, are of particular importance.

The new Chief Executive Officer is Dr. Antonio Barile, an expert in company management with significant positions behind him within international companies such as PPM Industries S.p.A, Autogrill Spa, and Diadora Group Holding Spa. In this phase of great expansion of the company, Dr. Barile is key to accomplishing strategic objectives that will further improve ongoing growth. First, his great experience will support Eureka in enhancing existing resources and placing employees in the best possible conditions to express themselves and perform at their best. But the contribution of Dr. Barile will also be invaluable in growing the company and logistics structures hand in hand with production, with the latter maintaining increasingly pressing rhythms, and adding more space and new production lines in the near term. An important challenge that the CEO will face is to further consolidate the role of our company as a major player in the international panorama of quality cleaning machines.

The appointment of Dr. Barile is a recent event that concludes a series of successfully completed steps in recent years. In 2020, a 3,500 m2 building was added to the Eureka headquarters with offices, warehouses, and an internal workshop, to better serve the local market. And this year, the extension of the company's main production facility went into operation, which will house new assembly lines and new spaces for internal carpentry. This additional 7,300 m2 brings the total covered production area of ​​Eureka to over 20,000 m2. A 20 m high vertical warehouse will also be put into operation shortly, a masterpiece of automation that allows for better and faster handling of 6,000 cases and 600 pallets.

In this climate of change, the most perceptible difference from the outside remains the introduction of a new brand identity. The new logo blends the letter "E", the initial of Eureka, with an exclamation point, all on a yellow, diagonal background, a reference to the perfect cleaning path that Eureka machines - sweepers, scrubber dryers and escalator cleaners - leave on the first pass.

The idea of ​​the logo was liked for its ability to add energy, values​​, and recognition to the Eureka brand while maintaining a strong link with the previous design. A choice of freshness, in step with the times, which speaks of innovative vision and environmental awareness. The "E exclamation" strives to represent movement towards the new, so that Eureka can increasingly be the solution - εὕρηκα (from the Greek, /'hɛu̯ rɛ:ka/; èureka), in the original sense of the Greek word – to the new needs of the market.