The E50 and E55 auto-scrubbers are versatile, easy to use and affordable. Every aspect has been designed from the operator’s point of view, making cleaning floors simple for everybody. Eureka has introduced a new feature for these two models, which allows you to auto-couple the brush. The E50 and E55 are now easier to use than ever before.



The E50 and E55 now come equipped as standard with automatic brush coupling, allowing you to change the brush or abrasive pad in just a few simple steps:

  1. Lower the lever to the horizontal position.
  2. Position the machine over the center of the brush / pad holder.
  3. Pull the brush / traction control to activate the brush.
  4. Return the lever to the vertical position.



  • Saves you time
  • Simplifies changing the brush, making it easy for everybody
  • Prevents positioning problems
  • No more bad backs due to uncomfortable posture


The R&D team at Eureka is constantly developing innovative solutions for the floor cleaning industry and works to evolve our range of machines to the highest standards.

Since when the E50 and E55 were introduced on the market, Eureka has continued to fine-tune this model to remain a step ahead of the competition. The most significant developments are the lifting squeegee wheel that keeps the machine perfectly balanced during the prewash phase, anti-drip tap on the draining hose and the thermo overcurrent circuit breaker that protects the motor from overloading.