In many contexts, for example in the food industry, the metal structure of a scrubber dryer can be subject to corrosion therefore compromising the safety, operation and effectiveness of the machine.

Eureka’s solution to this damaging effect is our Chrome® technology.

Thanks to the use of stainless steel in the construction of the frame and all exposed metallic elements, Eureka scrubber dryers evade the ageing process and resist against corrosion, resulting in a potentially unlimited lifetime.    

In a Chrome® scrubber-dryer, all exposed metallic elements are in stainless steel:

  • Frame
  • Scrubbing and Drying Systems
  • Metal fixings and other details

Key advantages of the Chrome® line:

  • Maximum resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Durability and reliability over time
  • Resistance to humidity, and the corrosive action of aggressive detergents
  • Easy to clean and always hygienic
  • All the structural strength of steel
  • Elegant look


Available for: E36*, E46*, E51**, E61**, E71**, E81**, E65, E75, E83, E85**, E100.

*Frame and other components in stainless steel, squeegee group in die cast aluminium, scrub deck in plastic.

**Frame, squeegee and other components in stainless steel. Scrub deck in die cast aluminium