Ernest Henry Mining is a very large mine based in the township of Cloncurry, Queensland, Australia.

They are part of the Glencore Group which is a significant player in Australia’s mining industry.

The work site extracts gold and copper from open cut and underground mines. It is a massive operation which procures equipment on the basis of quality first.

They opted to buy the Eureka E110-R floor scrubber as it had a high rate of productivity and was very easy to use.

They elected to purchase the scrubber/sweeper model so that they could use the machine to clean the whole workshop.

They service massive mobile equipment in the workshop like the Caterpillar dump trucks they cost anywhere from $5million up to procure.

Before buying the E110-R they manually hosed down their massive workshop which was not a good allocation of resources.

Using the E110-R has saved them millions of litres of water, cut down labour time cleaning by 90% and made the workshop floor clean and shiny.

Model E110-R sweeps and scrubs the floor at the same time. It is easy to use and maintain and the floor is left duty and clean in one pass, and is a great addition to both the workshop and the incredibly devoted people who work in the mine with temperatures averaging 39 degrees on most days.

Many thanks to Tony Bilos, sales manager at ASC Australia, for the great E110-R news!