Located on the front of the machine, the arm is easily controlled from the driving position, enabling the operator to place the brush, which has a large diameter of 700 mm, exactly where it is needed.

The arm extends on the right side of the sweeper, enabling safe and quick cleaning, even in recesses which otherwise would be hard to reach for a machine the size of the BULL 200.

This new additional brush furthermore increases the already impressive cleaning path of the BULL 200 (1.700 mm, with the standard right-side brush) up to a total of 2.265 mm.

The extension of the brush arm and lifting it up from the ground, is controlled by a joystick positioned near the steering wheel.

In a few steps it’s possible to adjust brush pressure during operation, and just as easily it’s also possible to move and raise the brush, for example to clean dips in the floor surface, steps, sidewalks or water run offs.

As with every other brush installed on the BULL 200, this new front brush with an extendable arm is mounted on extremely robust supports, thick steel arms and a sophisticated mechanism which absorbs shocks. This mechanism is directly derived from the earth moving equipment sector, and therefore is designed to provide maximum resistance against stress and impact.

SharkCap® technology prevents string or filaments from wrapping around the brush hub, and the built in Quick-Change® system makes changing the brush quick and simple. Replacement can be carried out in just a few minutes, with no need for tools.

Brush RPM can be adjusted via a system which is operated from the driving position. This intelligent feature combined with wet dust control via a water nebulizing system, prevents the lifting of dust during operation, especially in areas which are covered in layers of light dust.

If the BULL 200 is used on a daily basis for sweeping surfaces with this type of dirt, it’s advisable to choose the version of the machine with a fully enclosed cabin, which is also 100% compatible with the optional extendible front brush. The cabin significantly increases driving comfort for the operators and protects their health, offering an air conditioning system and a slight pressurization of the cabin which keeps dust and impurities outside.