A delegation of Spanish customers visited Eureka last week.

“The objective of the visit was to enable our clients to experience firsthand the quality of our machines, starting with the production process” says Stefano Simonetti, Marketing Director, at Eureka. “We wanted our clients to be aware of the quality of the product that we sell and, judging from the interest shown during the visit, I’m certain that this message was transmitted.”

During the tour, organized by Eureka for a distributor in the Comunidad Valenciana, there was also time for some culture (a tour of the Villa Palladiana di Moser, plus visits to the towns of Bassano del Grappa and Marostica), and to experience the food and wine of Italy. Above all, emphasis was put upon the value of “Made in Italy” in the field of technology.

The three-day program, for the group which consisted of individuals with backgrounds across the industrial cleaning sector, revolved around two main focuses: a tour of the Ducati factory and museum, one of the most famous examples in the world of Italian design and technology, and the tour of our company. The visit to Eureka was concluded with demonstrations of some of our most revolutionary machines, which included the Rider 1201 ride-on sweeper and the E110-R sweeper scrubber.

Renato Scremin, one of Eureka’s founders, led the tour of the different departments. “When people see what we do and how we do it and then participate in a practical demonstration, they immediately understand Eureka’s values. We are confident in what we offer on the market, and for this reason we know that anybody who has the possibility to get to know us will quickly become our ambassador”. 

Around 40 Spanish guests, had the possibility to get to see Eureka up close, to meet our people, and to discover some secrets to help their cleaning businesses, thanks to the characteristics of our floor scrubbers and sweepers.

To our guests, “thank you for your visit”, we look forward to seeing you again soon!