The cleaning business world is extremely varied, at least as varied and diverse as the contexts in which they are called on to operate.

They are called for daily cleaning, for example in Ho.Re.Ca, at business centers and retail stores, but they also work in the industrial production sectors, where they often also intervene for non-routine cleaning activities, for example during company renovations, events or interventions on seasonal scheduling.

Some cleaning companies specialize by business sector, while others show more versatility by ranging from civil to commercial or industrial. In either case, to ensure impeccable services to its clientele in a timely manner, a cleaning company cannot fail to include floor cleaning among its services. Indeed, floors are almost everywhere the largest horizontal surface in a room, the last surface-the lowest one! - toward which all dirt tends to fall, due to the gravitational force.

A quick or thorough sweep to the floors, depending on the context and type of dirt, is the culminating action that gives value to every other cleaning task. It must not be overlooked.

Synergy Group operates in the field of civil and industrial cleaning, with more than two hundred professionals on the territory serving public institutions, hotels, metalworking companies and food production industries. 

It has chosen Eureka sweepers and scrubbers for floor cleaning because of the reliability and versatility of its solutions.

Highly valued is the cleaning efficiency, and in particularly the suction power of the machines.

Beltrame Graziano – CEO of Synergy Group: "Over the years we have also noticed that, in addition to the robustness of the materials Eureka machines are built with, they also have a very powerful suction. 
This gives us the confidence to carry out our work and give customer satisfaction so that they can confirm orders to us for years to come…”