Eureka WhiteSound scrubber dryers


Exposure to unwanted sound1 for long periods of time, is proved to be dangerous to the health and even if it doesn’t lead to permanent damage, results in disturbance, irritation and displeasure. When choosing a scrubber dryer it is therefore critical to take into consideration how much noise the machine produces.

Furthermore, in particularly quiet environments, the perception of noise amplified due to the contrast generated between the ambient and sound. Even a low noise level, a little above the norm, becomes a source of discomfort for those present.

Hospitals, nursing homes, schools and libraries, are all environments in which a relaxing atmosphere, without disturbance, is essential.

However, in these often-congested places, it is usually impossible to conduct cleaning without the presence of other people, it is therefore even more essential that these operations are carried out with minimal noise impact.

Designed with attention to the context of use, Eureka scrubber dryers address this issue with specific solutions for noise sensitive environments.

The quality of the vacuum motors installed, the specifications of the rubber wheels (anti-noise and anti-marking), the research carried out during the design stage to control spread of vibration, and above all the unique technology “WhiteSound® - clean silently”, all contribute to make this scrubber dryer one of the quietest on the market.

Eureka’s line of scrubber dryers for hospitals, schools and noise sensitive environments

Thanks to these details the E51-E61-E71-E81 walk-behind series,  fitted with WhiteSound® technology, are the preferred choice for hospitals, schools and similar locations. With reduced perceived intensity of sound at the operator’s level: 63 - 65 Db (A) 2,3

In addition to being incredibly quiet, all these machines offer high efficiency and have be designed for congested spaces - compact dimensions mean that they can be transported in lifts and pass easily through doorways.

The ECOsystem® series

The walk-behind machines from the E51-E61-E71-E81 range can be fitted with the ECOsystem®, in addition to WhiteSound®. The revolutionary recycling system from Eureka which recuperates and regenerates cleaning solution during the washing phase and delivers huge water, chemical and labor savings. With these machines, the benefits of low noise are paired also with those of low running costs.

1 Noise is defined by the European Environmental Agency as “unwanted sound”, that is, audible sound that causes disturbance, impairment or health damage. Technical report No 11/2010

2 Decibel Db(A)

A unit which measures the intensity of sound. Below is a noise level chart, showing examples of sounds that have Db(A) levels ranging from 0 >130 decibels.    

0 - 5 dB(A) Audible hearing level
30 - 40 dB(A) Library
50 - 60 dB(A) Office
70 - 80 dB(A) Conversation
100 - 110 dB(A) Car horn
115 - 120 dB(A) Pneumatic drill
> 130 dB(A) Pain threshold

3 Eureka carries out sound pressure testing in accordance with the ISO 3744 standards.