Scrubber-dryers Eureka with maximum speed selector


With Eureka’s scrubber-dryers the problem doesn’t exist.

Other than performance, speed of cleaning operations is a very important factor, since it determines the complete time needed for cleaning and therefore impacts cost. Using a scrubber-dryer with rapid forward speed permits to cover and clean more square meters of floor, in respect to slower machines, with significant savings in time and operation costs.

Often, however you find yourself operating in congested areas, with obstructed corridors full of objects. Here, high speed risks to compromise precision during maneuvers and doesn’t allow for adequate care along edges, it could also cause collisions with both objects and people, leading to damage or even worse, injury. 


With Eureka’s scrubber dryers this problem doesn’t exist. The maximum forward speed in all Trac and ECO machines is in fact, settable in different levels, directly from the driver’s position.

This makes it possible to adjust forward speed in real time, while working, according to the environment and driving preferences. The top speed is one of the highest in the category to clean large floor areas in a short time, while the reduced speed setting is perfectly suited for accurate and timely cleaning of corners, edges and close to obstacles.

For precise maneuverability, the acceleration is smooth and gradual, thanks to a lever on the handle bar (for walk behind machines) or a responsive pedal (for all ride-on models).


Powerful drive motors make Eureka’s scrubber dryers some of the fastest and efficient on the market. The speed regulation system and other unique features, for example the protective squeegee wing Swinguard®  or the FlowMASTER® mechanism, for detergent flow that is proportional to forward speed, further make these machines extremely precise, safe and manageable in narrow and congested environments.

Eureka’s scrubber-dryers: powerful and precise!