ERC45 Battery-powered cleaner for escalator step risers
You may already use an escalator cleaner to clean the treads (the horizontal surfaces) of moving staircases. If so, now you can complete your cleaning operations more quickly and efficiently than ever and give the same high shine to the risers (the vertical surfaces), the parts of the escalator that are most clearly visible from the bottom.
  • Can the ERC45 be used to clean the horizontal surfaces of an escalator?

    No. Eureka’s EC52 or a similar machine is needed to clean treads effectively. The ERC45 is specially designed to clean risers.

  • Don’t other escalator cleaning machines on the market also clean risers?

    Some escalator cleaners on today’s market are designed to clean risers either directly or with the addition of accessories, but these machines require a lot of time and manual assistance to do a satisfactory job. The ERC45 is dedicated exclusively to this task and delivers excellent results effortlessly and rapidly.

  • What other escalator cleaning machines can the Eureka ERC45 be used with?

    The ERC45 can be used with any machine designed to clean escalator treads (the horizontal surfaces) irrespective of make and model. While the other machine cleans the surface of the tread, the ERC45 gets the risers looking as good as new.

  • What is the advantage of using the ERC45 in tandem with Eureka’s EC52 escalator cleaner?

    The ERC45 was designed to complement the cleaning work of Eureka’s EC52.
    The combined use of these two machines cleans escalators completely and extremely rapidly. Since the EC52 works semi-automatically, it can clean the treads of an entire escalator on its own, leaving the operator free to use the ERC45 to clean the risers of an adjacent escalator. This offers major benefits in time and cost.
    The ERC45 can also complement the work of any make and model of escalator tread cleaner. The EC52, however, is the only tread cleaner on the market with such a high level of functional autonomy. Once positioned, it only needs to be moved once, by a few centimetres, to complete the entire cleaning cycle.  Because other machines are not able to function autonomously, using them makes it impossible to clean two escalators at the same time. 

  • What does GlideStep System® technology do?

    The GlideStep System® is the result of Eureka’s research and development and allows the machine to move from one step of an escalator to the next rapidly and effortlessly. With the ERC45, this movement is extremely simple and easy to learn, safe and reliable over time. It eliminates operator fatigue and drastically cuts overall cleaning times and costs.

ERC45 Battery-powered cleaner for escalator step risers

The ERC45 cleans escalator risers by combining the brushing action of Tynex® brushes rotating at 850 rpm with the chemical action of a washing solution that is applied in spray form, left briefly to act, and then quickly removed by vacuum to prevent drips of liquid and dirt.

  • The GlideStep System® allows the machine to move easily from one step of the escalator to the next, completing the cleaning process effortlessly and with maximum satisfaction.
  • Suitable for cleaning all makes and models of escalator.
  • Sprays, brushes and vacuums for rapid, in-depth cleaning.
  • The world’s most innovative battery-powered riser cleaning machine.
  • Comes with 36 V Li-ion batteries and charger.
  • A generous kit of accessories is included, along with a steel trolley with castoring wheels and brake.

Completes the work of the Eureka EC52 and other tread cleaning machines without interfering with their operation.

Li-Ion Energy+® batteries

The ERC45 works with just one battery but three lithium batteries are supplied to ensure maximum autonomy. In this way, a charged replacement battery is always ready for use and machine idle times are eliminated. The dedicated charger supplied with the machine dramatically reduces charging times, ensuring rapid and uninterrupted cleaning operations.

Steel trolley

To transport the machine easily from one place of work to the next, in all situations. Made from steel for a long working life and designed for easy storage. Complete with castoring wheels and brake.

Drip collection channel and spray guards

Located directly beneath the brushes, the channel catches any drips of solution and facilitates thorough vacuum drying. Polyurethane spray guards prevent upward splashing, keeping the step treads dry.

Tynex brushes®

Long-life brushes. Rotate at 850 rpm to remove loose and ingrained dirt without damaging the steps.

Edge2Edge® technology

Designed to clean right up to the balustrades irrespective of step width.

Large accessory kit

The accessory kit includes a brush washing tank, a drip collection tank, two funnels, a detergent bottle, a graduated jug and two 5-litre containers.


To reduce overall dimensions for easy transport and storage, the machine can be folded up in a few easy steps.


A steel frame along with brush heads and dirty water tank in stainless-steel guarantee an extended life.

Detergent solution spray nozzles

Deep cleaning is impossible without a detergent solution. If too much detergent is used, however, it can drip on to moving parts and cause malfunctioning. Precision spray nozzles are therefore essential to guarantee exactly the right delivery rate for safe and efficient cleaning.

Combined use with other escalator cleaning machines

The ERC45 cleans step risers to complement the tread cleaning performed using the Eureka EC52 or any other tread cleaner currently on the market. Use in tandem with the semi-automatic Eureka EC52 cuts cleaning time by half and delivers major savings in operating costs.

The ERC45 easily and effectively washes the risers of all types of escalator.


Shopping centres, car parks, underground train stations, railway stations, airports, casinos, hotels & resorts, public and private buildings, supermarkets, amusement parks, cruise ships, museums... and wherever one or more escalators are installed.


All makes and models of escalator.


Cleaning path445 mm
Solution tank 1 L
Recovery tank 1,7 L
DriveLithium battery 36V 6.0A
Brush motor 36 V - 180 W - 19600 RPM
Vacuum motor36 V - 300 W - 12500 RPM
Water pick up capacity 310 mmH2O
Brush speed 850 RPM
Brush pressure 8 kg
Weight 23 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 445 x 615 x 1115 mm
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